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re: App: Knulderen

The application submitted by Knulderen is as follows:

Name : Knulderen
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Twisting Nether
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Troll
Class : Warrior
Spec 1 : Fury

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Please note that the application is public unless you chose the private option, if there is anything you wish to speak to us about privately feel free to contact one of our officers (Zherin, Granbark or Vrenck)


What is your name:

How old are you:

Where are you from:

Battletag so we can contact you:


What is your current Artifact Knowledge level:

How many Artifact Traits do you have in your main-spec weapon:
50 - soon 51

What rank are you applying for:

What role are you applying for:


Can you use TS3 with a working microphone during raid:

Do you have a stable internet connection that doesn't cause you to lag or frequently disconnect:

Do you have a decent computer suitable for 20-man raids with spell details turned up enough for you to play efficiently:


What is your main spec? Do you have any off-spec or alt character you are willing to play?:
Throughout Legion I've been playing warrior all the way. Fury isn't just good, but fun as well. If Arms is getting better than Fury, my arms weapon is also ready to use.
As of now, I don't have any alts, but I've thought about leveling a Mage, a class I've also always found fun.

Explain your current talents, stat priority, and rotation:
My talents, are probably the most main ones for Fury warrior, due to the amount of damage it gives.
My rotation rotation is pretty much straight foward, with Bloodthirst and Raging Blow being used whenever ready, and Furious Slash as a filler, and then of course Rampage to splash out the rage, when hitting 100 rage for Frothing Beserker to proc.
Stat priority is imo -> Strenght>Haste>Versatility>Mastery>Crit.

Link to the most recent warcraftlog (or similar) you have available:

List your previous raiding experience and what class/role you played (only list content you progressively cleared while it was relevant):
The following raids I cleared while they were the main raids as dps are: ICC, Ulduar, Firelands, DS, BoTW, BWD, MSV, HoF, ToES, ToT, HM, HFC, EN, and Nighthold, so I've been raiding quite a lot.


List your recent previous guilds and why you left them:
WoTLK, raided a bit with a guild on Balnazzar called Paparazzi, the best guild on the server.
MoP, I mainly raided with a team called: Danish Templars, got kicked due to my friend were dicks to GM and they thought I would do the same . (as a mage)
WoD, I raided a bit in the start but I didn't really play WoD much.
Legion, I've been raiding with a lot of guild. Faster Than Lag on Champer of Aspect. Adressus on Draenor, a few other and then now Craze on Twisting Nether where we are 3/10 mythic.

Why would you like to join us and how did you find us :
I wanna join you due to your raiding schedule fits me perfect, compared to my current schedule. I saw that you where searching for players in /1 chat.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why we should accept you:
I love playing WoW, raiding has always been my favorite thing. I do know my class and always try to seek improvements studying and analyzing logs.

What can you contribute with in a guild environment and how do you see your role in a raid:
I'm a social player, doing mythic + weekly as well. I

Does our raiding schedule fit you and do you have anything hindering you from attending our raids on a regular basis? (In addition to answering this question, please complete the "Your Availability" Info in the section below):
The raiding schedule fits perfect tbh, I've been looking a long time for that.

Are you sure this is the application you want us to see? Remember, first impressions are very important and we hope you have made every effort in your application.

You will hear back from us soon, expect to be added on b-tag by one of our officers

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> 2x a Month
Saturday -> 2x a Month

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re: CLOSED - DECLINED - App: Knulderen - by Mwahi - by Mwahi



Thank you for your interest in SALT.
The officers will look through your application and will get in touch!



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re: Just hmu


Nice, just hit me up on btag if you got any further questions pal

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